Datamatix HR Platform

Is the most professional S.M.E integrated HR system, with a full online functionality 24/7, and is both, time and cost efficient. It transforms HR information, into insights that the organizations can use to make informed decisions, by identifying the value of information. It provides high quality administrative support and reduces redundancy and errors.

Employee Recruitment System
Employee Data Management
Employee Attendance System
Employee Payroll Management
Employee Upgrade Management
Employee Leave Management
Employee Training Management
Employee Performance Management
Employee Succession Planning
Employee End of Service
Employee Document Archiving
Employee Self Service Management

Culture & Engagement

  • Newsroom
  • Social Center
  • Recognition Center
  • Health & Wellness Center

HR Productivity

  • Request Center
  • Team Room
  • Governance Center
  • Newsroom

Employee Engagement

  • Governance Center
  • Management Center
  • Onboarding Center
  • Employee Handbook

Outsourcing Services

  • Total HR Management
  • Employee Payroll Management
  • Manpower Planning (On/Off Roll)
  • Talent Acquisition (On/Off Roll)

Training Services

  • HR Learning and Development
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Competency Analytics

  • HR Performance and Competency
  • HR Background Verification
  • HR Succession Planning
  • TBA